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KOH Claims Services was established in 2012 by Kevin O’Halloran Kevin has over thirty years of both operational and technical claims management experience. During that time, he served as Assistant Claims Manager at Eagle Star Insurance plc and subsequently as Litigation and Senior Claims Manager with Allianz Ireland plc.


In addition, Kevin was part of the Allianz International Claims Expert Group, which involved a sharing of experiences, best practices and successful efficiencies across its companies operating in Europe, Australia and America. Now, through engagement with KOH Claims Services, you can share in this wealth of experience and knowledge of wide ranging Insurance Claims Solutions and Services.


KOH Claims Services has provided external support services to clients including Allianz, FBD, the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland, and other Insurers.

Insurance Claims Solutions and Services from  KOH Claims Services

For Insurers

For Insurers

  • Claim volumes fluctuate and matching that with the right number and experience of staff is a constant challenge. KOH Claim Services are here to provide you with a fully experienced handling service to ensure your customer service standards are maintained and claims costs controlled at all times.

  • Expert investigation of accidents is a key component in managing claims costs. With KOH Claim Services you have a wealth of experience available to ask the right questions, trace all relevant witnesses and challenge the facts to ensure the veracity of what is being alleged. We guarantee a thorough approach to all aspects of accident investigation.

  • When you align your own claims process with essential external or support services such as law firms, agencies or international representatives, regular monitoring is essential to ensure efficiencies are in place and regulated procedures are being complied with in matters of customer handling or data protection management. KOH Claim Services can offer a structured, intuitive audit and report service to inform your review.

  • It is imperative to have competent and suitably trained staff to handle claims and manage expectations of the customer but even before that, the expectations of your own organization. These in turn are driven by requirements for formal development with the Insurance Institute professional body and equally importantly, by the Central Bank within its Consumer Protection Code, Minimum Competency Code and Fitness and Probity standards. Proper induction and technical training plans must be recorded for new developing staff. The time consumed by supervisors in this area can be disproportionately disruptive to their management tasks. Managers simply don’t have all day to spend technically assessing their staff. KOH Claim Services can deliver and report on this training so that managers know how their people are developing and what key activities might develop them further.

  • When operational logjams appear or regular tasks take up so much time that there must be a better solution, where to where do you turn? It may be that there is an exact technological solution for your challenge, not in your own market but further afield. Ireland is small yet sophisticated when put beside many larger markets and is well placed to adopt (as well as provide) solutions used elsewhere. KOH Claim Services will research solutions based on international experience, as well as local, and make suitable recommendations to you.

For the Legal Professional

For the Legal Professional

  • If you are a lawyer handling claims for private or international clients, some or many of the foregoing services may relate to you either as provider or as the client.

  • How do you manage your time at Court and with your Clients and yet ensure you get the best of services supplied to you?

  • How much time do you spend pursuing and interviewing witnesses or how much cost on engineers investigating accidents for you, when ultimately they are not needed? KOH Claim Services can address this for you from the outset at a lower cost, freeing up your own time.

For the Employer, Occupier, Risk Manager, Business Owner

For the Employer, Occupier, Risk Manager, Business Owner

  • One way or another, you may be incurring direct or indirect costs to your business either spending more than you want on claims or on insurance costs to protect you from claims, or perhaps too little on accident and claims prevention in the first place.

  • Managing claims cost requires an integrated approach whereby economies can be achieved with the right balance of good safety management, personnel management, customer management, risk management and if an accident does occur, the right claims management approach.

  • Many accidents can be prevented and many claims can be addressed economically if handled innovatively and correctly from the outset, before frustration and delay leads to litigation.

  • When an accident does occur, what you do and record immediately may have a huge impact on your prospect of defending your position.

  • KOH Claim Services will help you adopt a more successful approach where the experience and satisfaction of your employees or customers is not at odds with your own.

For More Information on our Range of Services Contact KOH Claims Services Today

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